[SALES] What do you need to make your sales more effective in 2017?


We probably don't have to tell you, how every company needs a good sales performance in order to survive in this modern world. That much is clear, right? Right.

Whenever you think about education, you probably imagine an old-school classroom, worksheets, handouts and presentations. But there's a new form on the rise that takes everything to a whole new level – it's called e-learning and it's taking the world by storm. We predict that in year 2017, e-learning will take the place of traditional teaching practices all over the world – at least when it comes to the business world.

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits and deciding to implement e-learning into their educational systems - in this article we plan to show you, how e-learning can be a great asset to your company and its sales performance.

E-learning does not need classrooms, handouts, travel expenses or pricey lecturers.

It offers great value to each and every company, no matter the industry they belong to. With the help of e-learning, you can easily submit a variety of important information – from safety regulations and rules for working with a certain machine, to sales training for employees of the call center.

What exactly is e-learning?

The answer is pretty simple – it's a form of education, which can be carried out through any of the mobile devices we like to use daily (computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone). In the old days, most of us would probably describe e-learning as something that has to do with CD-roms or even floppy disks. Now things are very different and all the vital information can be hosted on a web server, making the access easy for everyone who might need it.

If you think about it, the occurrence of e-learning makes sense – in contemporary times, our evolving society is relying on mobile devices and internet on a daily basis. We use them to keep in touch with each other, to pay bills, for work and to shop online. If educational systems wanted to stay relevant, they needed to evolve and adjust to the modern consumers and their mobile habits.

E-learning platform

When it comes to online education and training, most of the companies will choose to use an e-learning platform – a software tool that automates the administrative aspects of learning. The tool enables you to register different users (your employees), access the available educational content (or upload your own) and track the learning progress with the help of statistics.

Every employee of a certain company, that decides to implement e-learning, receives their own user name and password, that give them the access to available learning content. The platform saves all the valuable data – which online courses your employees have completed, when they were learning and how fast is their progress.

How can e-learning boost your sales performance?

  1. If your sales agent wants to successfully sell a certain product, he has to know it well first – how the product works, what are its benefits, what is the price, how soon can the customer get it etc. The products and services are ever-changing and it's very important, that your sales agents stay up to date with everything. Forget about the outdated ftp, Dropbox and Google Drive – nobody has the time to search through thousands of files and folders to find the information they need.

SOLUTION: On your e-learning platform, you can easily upload a short presentation of every new product, line or packages. Your sales agents can access it in a matter of minutes and learn everything they need to know - fast.

  1. Sales department meetings can be incredibly dull and often end without achieving their actual purpose. Another problem is making sure all the agents are available to participate, since many of them work on the field.

SOLUTION: Publish all the important and necessary content on your e-learning platform, making it available to all the employees that need to see it – they can read it wherever and whenever they need to, making the whole experience better, faster and more pleasant for everyone! Some of them might prefer checking it out in the morning, others will learn more if they take their time and read it thoroughly in the evening. Makes sense, doesn't it?

  1. When you're training your new employees, who don't have all the needed knowledge yet, but you would still like to teach them advanced sales techniques, e-learning presents the best and most effective solution for you and your trainees.

SOLUTION: BigU Academy e-learning platform combines audio and video content from sales and marketing department, that everybody should know well – even the experienced sales agents! BigU Academy offers you content from the best sales gurus in the world, but it's not limited to that – you can also upload your own content, courses and advices. You only need to upload it once and it will stay available for all your current and future employees!


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